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I’m Noemi Mate, a constantly exhausted workaholic. Oh wait, that’s not me, that WAS me. I had years and years of suffering from chronic fatigue combined with balloonlike bloating. I was totally run down, always stressed and compensating with emotional eating. Luckily, I discovered how to heal myself through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes and today I have more energy, I can manage stress, sleep better and I don’t have any symptoms of the illnesses I should have. I should have symptoms of insulin resistance and low thyroid and uterus fibroids because I have to tell you I mastered to turn my stress into illnesses. With proper nutrition, a balanced workout regime and stress management, I’m more than okay.

After I helped myself, I decided it’s time to help others, so not only I started to teach fitness classes in 2011, here I am now, after I graduated as a holistic nutritionist  in 2015, I have been offering my health coaching services for women.



  • a huge believer of baby steps because lasting changes take time
  • a fan of the opinion that good nutrition can save lives
  • your supporter who teaches you to explore your intuition and cravings while learning how to maximize your nutrition
  • an advocate of diet and lifestyle changes that can lead to the increase of energy levels, and decrease of digestive problems
  • a companion who can help you determine what foods will get you to your goals efficiently (let it be losing weight or gaining energy, getting rid of digestive issues or keep your weight naturally, without pills and starvation)
  • someone who believes that food should be for us and not the other way around
  • your partner in making positive changes to leave your health issues behind
  • a coach who can help you clear away the nutritional imbalances in your life
  • a believer of establishing the balance in your life to gain health (work-life balance, nutrition, workouts, stress management)



  • a nutritionist who is engaged with one diet – I truly believe that there’s no diet that fits all, we have to find the diet that fits YOU, your needs and your lifestyle and goals the best – I focus on eating food that nourishes the body, the mind and keeps u sin balance
  • a supporter of magic pills – however, I really believe in taking vitamins and minerals both via food and supplements
  • someone who doesn’t think healthy lifestyle means vegetating on green smoothies all day
  • totally not the person who thinks that eating healthy means getting rid of all the good tastes and torture our tastebuds

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle needs to be practical and fit into your days, even if they are busy and hectic, I’m 100% convinced that we can find a balance in every person’s life and with good choices you can be successful at creating new habits that can lead to a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that the perfect combination of workouts, food and relaxation is the key to being happy, healthy and whole. Balance is everything.

Are you ready for a healthier you? Don’t think twice, contact me!